This helicopters was originally put into service by the Phoenix Police Department in 2003, it has a 2002 data plate. The total time on the airframe is 2669.1 hours.

Vortex Helicopters bought it in 2006 when Phoenix changed over to Eurocopters. We repainted it with red metallic and black with a clear coat. We replaced the interior with a completely new one, interior front photo, interior rear photo. We rebuilt the panel from scratch. This is a photo of the new panel. We installed a new Garmin GNS480 and MX 20 moving map. This helicopter is fitted out very sweet. The Equipment List is here. You can see the copies of the log books for the engine here and the airframe logbooks here.

It runs great and the engine has the R++ mod. It typically does a power check on the 20 degrees cool side. It has a hook but we have never done any external loads. There is no damage history. We have used it for aerial filming, this is a cool shot we did while filming on a NatGeo project. Rarely has anyone even sat in the back seat. Here is a photo of the camera on the helicopter.

It is currently in the shop to replace the fan straps, 2 interconnect shafts, and have a fresh annual. Since 2006 all maintenance has been performed in MD Service Centers. The maintenance records are impeccable. Here is a photo of the engine compartment. The current Engine Components are here and the Airframe Components are here.

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